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Vasilis Nempegleriotis (b.1987) is a self-taught photographer based in Larissa, central Greece and express his fantasy through the medium of photography, since 2015. He has participated in photography seminars with John Stratoudakis, Natassa Karakatsani, Lila Zotou and film direction with Alex Sipsidis. He is a member of Fplus photography group since 2018.

His photographs have been featured in group exhibitions (Anthropause 2020 - Momus), international photography festivals (Photometria International Festival 2020 - Parallel Voices, Antiparos International Photo Festival 2021 - Wild Side, Photopolis Agrinio Photo Festival 2021- Keep Distance, Nida International Festival 2021- New Borders, Belfast Photo Festival 2021 - Shortlisted), 8th Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art 2023 and solo exhibition of his project “..meadow of asphodelus...” , Mill of Pappas, Larissa (2019).

All photos and text on this website © Vasilis Nempegleriotis 2022.



Solo exhibition of project

“..meadow of asphodelus...”

at Mill of Pappas, Larissa (2019).

Group exhibition Parallel Voices,

at Photometria International Festival, Ioannina 2020


Group exhibition Anthropause,

at Momus, Thessaloniki 2020

"Chiron" as the best submission at group exhibition Wild Side,

at Antiparos International Photo Festival, Antiparos 2021

agri-Cultural Pylons  at 

Photopolis Festival, Agrinio 2022

(Open Call choice, group exhibition)


agri-Cultural Pylons  at 

Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art,

Museum Alex Mylona, Athens 2023

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