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 How a comet looks like?

 Entire chapters of Greek mythology have been written from myths which took place in Thessaly. Growing up there it was inevitable that I would not be influenced by them. One of them is the myth of the Centaur Chiron, which was a hybrid figure with a human body and horse legs. Chiron has left its mark on mythological history through healing and teaching the human kind. Recently, Centaur gave his name to a comet which is a satellite of his mythological father and planet Saturn.

  After a ten-year absence, I permanently returned to my birthplace. Myself as an another centaur I took short roadtrips with my motorcycle around the area to rediscover myself and fill the memory gaps of the past with the power of imagination. I let my mind to wander in the universe of Thessaly, to be inspired by the myth of Chiron and to experiment with the medium of photography in order to built an imaginary comet/place.

  The project Chiron is an artist research about the gap between fantasy and reality. If these two aspects can be combined into one currency and if the duality of the Centaur can stand as a satellite in the puzzle of escaping from everyday life.

  Work in progress. 

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