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 The Municipal Home of Retirement is a charity institution located in Central Greece, Larissa. It began accepting old and abandoned people in 1967, following the merger of the assets of Dimitrios Hatzizogides, Athanasios Chalkiopoulos and Angeliki Lappa. The institution , considered as a lung full of life enhances the everyday of the local and old people. When, I finally realized that my grandfather was the most important person for me, it was too late. Our grandchild-grandpa relationship made my life better and stable. He gave me the love that I needed as a kid and transmitted all the inner peace and patient he had. 

Searching for a way out of the everyday routine I started visiting the retirement home. I can call all these people as friends, even if I do not know them at all. Using my camera as a ‘boat’ and the famous poem ‘Oblivion’, of the Greek poet Lorenzo Mavilis, as a ‘compass’ I walked through the corridors of Municipal Home of retirement and ‘breathed’ doses of love and warm. The poem ‘Oblivion’ includes the lyric ‘Meadow of Asphodelus’ which is considered to be the garden of resting souls.

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